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Billy Graham: A Biography of America's Greatest Evangelist

by W. Terry Whalin

The Inspirational Story of the Twentieth Century’s Greatest Evangelist


Written by: W. Terry Whalin
Narrated by: Andrew L. Barnes

Length: 4 hrs and 20 mins 

Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:10-27-17

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing



Billy Graham has preached the gospel message in person to more people than anyone in history, and millions more have heard him through television, radio, and film. His faithful witness is testimony to his great love of God and passion to serve Him.

This easy-to-read biography tells Billy Graham’s story, including his humble beginnings as a southern farm boy, his calling to the ministry, the start of the crusades, his service to America’s leaders, and his later years preaching around the globe. As you read these details of a life dedicated to the cause of Christ, you will be encouraged. Also these stories will inspire anyone who desires to give their life in service to God.


Martin Luther King's Biblical Epic

In his final speech "I've Been to the Mountaintop," Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his support of African American garbage workers on strike in Memphis.

Although some consider this oration King's finest, it is mainly known for its concluding two minutes, wherein King compares himself to Moses and seems to predict his own assassination. But King gave an hour-long speech, and the concluding segment can only be understood in relation to the whole. King scholars generally focus on his theology, not his relation to the Bible or the circumstance of a Baptist speaking in a Pentecostal setting.


Even though King cited and explicated the Bible in hundreds of speeches and sermons, Martin Luther King's Biblical Epic is the first book to analyze his approach to the Bible and its importance to his rhetoric and persuasiveness.



Martin Luther King's Biblical Epic argues that King challenged dominant Christian supersessionist conceptions of Judaism in favor of a Christianity that affirms Judaism as its wellspring. In his final speech, King implicitly but strongly argues that one can grasp Jesus only by first grasping Moses and the Hebrew prophets.


This book also traces the roots of King's speech to its Pentecostal setting and to the Pentecostals in his audience. In doing so, Miller puts forth the first scholarship to credit the mostly unknown, but brilliant African American architect who created the large yet compact church sanctuary, which made possible the unique connection between King and his audience on the night of his last speech.


Small Business Big Pressure: A Faith-Based Approach to Guide the Ambitious Entrepreneur

Written by: Darryl W. Lyons
Narrated by: Andrew L. Barnes

Length: 4 hrs and 20 mins 

Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:01-27-17
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing


Your small business is controlling you; take back what you rightfully own.

Small businesses make our country great. However, the challenges facing entrepreneurs and small business owners can be overwhelming. Business schools don't prepare owners for the real world. As a result, entrepreneurs may experience worry, pressure, and confusion. It is then just a matter of time before the entrepreneur suffers a breakdown. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Small Business Big Pressure is a collision of wisdom and knowledge designed for the 20-year business veteran or the soon-to-be entrepreneur. When a business owner aligns all facets of his company with God, something special happens.



UX Lifecycle: The Business Guide to Implementing Great Software User Experiences

Written by: Jeremy Baines , Clive Howard
Narrated by: Andrew L. Barnes
Length: 4 hrs and 7 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:10-11-16
Publisher: Jeremy Baines, Clive Howard


This book is for organizations starting their UX journey. It will help to address the basics such as defining what UX is; the importance of research; how UX is a process and not a job title; and where business value comes from improving efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction.

There is practical guidance for building a business case and identifying the key investments required in people and process that will bring about the change needed to deliver success. Implementing UX is brought to life through the UX Lifecycle, a methodology framework that was born out of real life successes. At the heart of the UX process is the most important stakeholder - the user!


Marriage Advice, Marriage Help, marriage Counseling


✔ Are you unhappy in your marriage?
✔ Do you see divorce as the only option?
✔ Is infedility an issue or do you think about cheating?
✔ Has the passion been completely drained from your marriage?
✔ Do you feel like you just cant cope anymore
✔ Is your partner no longer the preson you fell in love with

If you're struggling in your marriage you are not alone. 1 in 2 marriages will end in divorce. This was where my marriage was heading a few years after I got married until I put the principles of this book into practice.

Whatever you are feeling right now, I can promise you one thing. If you ever truly loved your partner, then what you will learn and put into practice will help save your marriage. There is no marriage that's beyond saving and this book will help you save your marriage. Having gone through the very problems, I talk about I have help countless people just like you have flourishing relationships by arming them with the know-how to change their marriage.


Help From All Sides

Revelational Insights & Prayers on Attracting Help From All Sides
By Benjamin Olusegun Beckley


To be helpless is to be hopeless; and to be hopeless is to be cheaply frustrated. Help is an inevitable element in the journey of life. The absence of it gives room to shame, reproach, unnecessary delay, and many times it could lead to destruction. Help is an active force; it is a shame terminator and destiny transformer.

When it is at work, it certainly turns situations around and aids timely accomplishments. Without help, the journey of life becomes a burden rather than a blessing. Without help, accomplishments become unattainable, progress become stunted and destinies become grounded.

This book a divinely inspired revelational insight on the mystery of help as an active force for prevailing over life situations and how to be positioned for connecting with help from all sides that is potent enough to generate proofs and results. Discover in this book, what help is all about, the purpose of help, and revelations on the barriers to help as well as how to defeat them. Additionally, connect with a spirit-filled and life changing prayer outline with scriptural revelations and prayer points ordained to generate testimonies and serve as a platform for activating the potent force of help from all sides in your life. This book contains over 120 Prayer points with relevant scriptures to launch you into the realms of attracting undeniable help from all sides.




What Kind of Advice Would Married Couples in the Bible Give to Couples today? The Bible provides a rich history about couples who experienced every imaginable hardship and obstacle.

Now, their experiences come to life in How to Build a Lasting Marriage Marriage a practical book for couples who want to build an enduring marriage based on Biblical truths.



Maximum Dream Achievement

Maximum Dream Achievement is a step-by-step guide to help you succeed in life. Through the ages, successful people have applied the strategies and principles you will learn in this book.

Kenn Renner and Eddie Smith provide twelve practical steps that you can take to identify and accomplish what God has placed you on Earth to do. With prayer, persistence and patience, along with Christ and His Holy Spirit, you can live and enjoy a purpose-full life.



Unbound Faith: Lessons of Love, Faith and Revelation

This book is a compilation of life lessons of faith that I have found profoundly helpful in living a prosperous and progressive life in Christ Jesus. These are antidotes for life’s issues, questions, and struggles we face on a day-to-day basis. This book is full of insight and powerful revelations of love and faith in a God who cares deeply for His children. I believe this book will shed light on your walk with our savior to better serve you in living the abundant life. Make yourself ready to be transformed, and allow the Holy Spirit to speak and guide you within these pages.

Embracing God as Father 

by Daniel Bush & Noel S. Due

The image of the Prodigal Father is striking—God searches for the lost and weary to save them. Once saved, we are adopted into his family, through Christ, to become sons and daughters of the one and only Father. In this theologically rich and deeply personal book, Daniel Bush and Noel S. Due show us the loving heart of the Father toward his children. Jesus said, “Whoever has seen me has seen the Father” (John 14:9)—he and the Father are one in their love and joy and desire to bless. Embracing God as Father helps us see God as he truly is and see who we are as his sons and daughters.


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Bunion Derby

The 1928 Footrace Across America

On March 4, 1928, 199 men lined up in Los Angeles, California, to participate in a 3,400-mile transcontinental footrace to New York City.


The Bunion Derby, as the press dubbed the event, was the brainchild of sports promoter Charles C. Pyle. He promised a $25,000 grand prize and claimed the competition would immortalize US Route 66, a 2,400-mile road, mostly unpaved, that subjected the runners to mountains, deserts, mud, and sandstorms, from Los Angeles to Chicago. 




Mississippi in Africa:
The Saga of the Slaves of Prospect Hill Plantation and Their Legacy in Liberia Today


The gripping story of 200 freed Mississippi slaves who sailed to Liberia to build a new colony - where the colonists' repression of the native tribes would beget a tragic cycle of violence. When a wealthy Mississippi cotton planter named Isaac Ross died in 1836, his will decreed that his plantation, Prospect Hill, should be liquidated and the proceeds from the sale be used to pay for his slaves' passage to the newly established colony of Liberia in western Africa.




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