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The expressive voice of Andrew Barnes brings diverse characters to life. As a narrator, voiceover artist, actor, and singer, the multi-talented Barnes uses his exceptional bass-baritone voice and acting skills to add depth and meaning to vocal performances.

The Blackstone Audio Book “Brother Ray: Ray Charles’ Own Story” is the latest project to which Andrew Barnes brings his vocal talents, narrating the autobiography of the late American legend.

Other recent projects include the audio book “The People Could Fly,” African-American folktales written by Virginia Hamilton. Barnes called on his theatrical background to deliver an unforgettable vocal performance of each character, over 30 in all. Barnes is also the voice of the Official National Monument to Booker T. Washington in Franklin County, Virginia. As a result of his contributions to this project, Barnes was awarded the highest honor by the National Park Service of America.

As an opera singer, Andrew Barnes got his start in the Southwest region of Ohio. A graduate of the highly regarded School For the Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, he also trained for the stage privately for several years and has worked with the Sorg Opera, Ensemble Theatre Company, and Hamilton-Fairfield Symphony Orchestra.

Barnes has sung with the Sorg Opera Company for more than 5 seasons, in Carmen, H.M.S. Pinafore, La Traviata, The Student Prince, and The Barber of Seville. His most notable roles have been “Otis Burrows” in The Mighty Casey; “Jim” in Moonlighting Theatre’s production of Big River; “Minister Allen” in Ensemble Theatre’s production of Anne of Green Gables (Avonlea); and “Uncle Tom” in River of Freedom. Published reviews describe his voice as “compelling” According to a critic for City Beat, “He captures… complex emotions in his booming bass voice, making his songs some of the show’s best.”

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Manifesting the Blessings of God by Steven  


Christians are taught a great deal about how to receive entry into God’s family: by grace, through faith. The problem is that many are only taught how to enter the Kingdom; they are not given practical, Bible-based strategies on how to live victoriously in the Kingdom of God.

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Here's a new production for The Bible Tells Me So. com God is mighty in power, love and mercy! Think about this wondrous world He created for you & me.




This week's auditions ranged from the typical to bizarre. Listen to how much fun I had doing this series!


Bunion Derby
The 1928 Footrace Across America

On March 4, 1928, 199 men lined up in Los Angeles, California, to participate in a 3,400-mile transcontinental footrace to New York City.


The Bunion Derby, as the press dubbed the event, was the brainchild of sports promoter Charles C. Pyle. He promised a $25,000 grand prize and claimed the competition would immortalize US Route 66, a 2,400-mile road, mostly unpaved, that subjected the runners to mountains, deserts, mud, and sandstorms, from Los Angeles to Chicago. 






Mississippi in Africa:
The Saga of the Slaves of Prospect Hill Plantation and Their Legacy in Liberia Today


The gripping story of 200 freed Mississippi slaves who sailed to Liberia to build a new colony - where the colonists' repression of the native tribes would beget a tragic cycle of violence. When a wealthy Mississippi cotton planter named Isaac Ross died in 1836, his will decreed that his plantation, Prospect Hill, should be liquidated and the proceeds from the sale be used to pay for his slaves' passage to the newly established colony of Liberia in western Africa.




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